Arise Marathon 125

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Skate far, skate fast, and skate with confidence. When you’re rolling on the POWERSLIDE Arise Marathon inline speedskate, nothing is holding you back from pushing your limits and winning the race. The perfect combination of comfort and performance, the Arise Marathon is designed to deliver unmatched performance even during the longest races or training sessions.

The high-cut boot construction provides excellent lateral support even at top speeds, giving you the confidence and control when you need them most. With a stable carbon shell and Elite magnesium cast frames, the POWERSLIDE Arise Marathon is designed to be as light as possible to limit fatigue.

The skate also incorporates the race-proven TRINITY 3-point mounting system which gives you a low center of gravity, dampens vibrations, and improves stability. The TRINITY system also allows you to adjust the frame position to augment your skating style. A high-end inline speedskate needs high-end components, and the

Arise Marathon delivers with UNDERCOVER 125mm wheels and smooth WICKED ABEC 9 bearings. For long training sessions and grueling races where every second counts, you can rely on the POWERSLIDE Arise Marathon speedskate, a true pioneer in comfort and performance.