Arise SL TRI Boots Only

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The POWERSLIDE Arise Boot with TRINITY 3-point attachment is one of the best inline urban freeskates the world has ever seen, and now available as a boot-only option that makes it easy to put together the skate of your dreams. The Arise Boot is versatile and feature-packed, making it suitable for a variety of skate disciplines.

Whether you're into urban freeskating, skate cross, speedslalom, inline alpine or even marathon skating, this high-performance boot will take your skating to a whole new level. Made from high quality Japanese carbon fiber, this state-of-the-art shoe is lightweight and stiff, giving you excellent control and power transfer with every step.

The shoe is also heat moldable, giving you superior comfort and further enhancing responsiveness. The microfiber lining provides excellent comfort and the sophisticated closure system keeps your foot in place. The proven POWERSLIDE TRINITY 3-point mounting system offers you a variety of benefits that will improve your skating performance. Choose from a wide range of rails and take advantage of this revolutionary mounting system.

The TRINITY system reduces vibration and provides better power transfer, better balance and stability, and effortless edge-to-edge transitions, which improves your footprint and reduces muscle fatigue so you can skate faster and longer. The POWERSLIDE Arise shoe with TRINITY assembly is the perfect platform for you to create your perfect inline skate without compromise.