Cosmo ID - TT (Black)

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Introducing the Micro Cosmo ID TT: Redefine your skating experience with our latest innovation in the rollerblading world. Step into a realm of style and performance with the sleek Micro Cosmo ID TT, now available in an enchanting blend of black and purple.

Designed for skaters who demand precision and flair, these skates offer cutting-edge technology coupled with a touch of bold elegance. The timeless black exudes sophistication, while vibrant purple accents add a pop of personality, making each glide on the pavement a statement of individuality.

But there’s more – the Micro Cosmo ID TT comes with an added feature for ultimate control. Navigate the streets with confidence, knowing these skates are equipped with a detachable brake. Whether you’re perfecting your freestyle moves or speeding through the neighborhood, the Micro Cosmo ID TT gives you the power to command your ride.

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned skaters, these skates offer a precision fit that ensures your feet are snug and secure, enabling you to confidently push the boundaries of your skill. The high-performance wheels and bearings guarantee a smooth and swift ride, making the Micro Cosmo ID TT ideal for any skating adventure.

Dare to stand out, dare to perform – the Micro Cosmo ID TT in black and purple is more than just a pair of skates; it’s a statement of your passion for skating. Elevate your style, elevate your ride. Order now and let the streets become your canvas. #MicroCosmoIDTT #SkateInStyle #RollWithFlair


Color: Black
Shell: High Resistant Polypropylene 
Liner: Size adjustable liner
Cuff: High Resistant Polypropylene
Frame: Removable Aluminium Frame
Bearings: ABEC9


  • 4x80mm
  • 84A Round profile Polyurethane Wheels