Ennui ALY Dual Pack

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The Ennui Aly dual set contains Ennui’s popular Aly knee pads, perfectly suited for all kinds of extreme action sport and specially designed for roller derby, designed and tested by top athletes including some of the best derby players in the world.

The protector comes with a large flat fixed cap which slides well and distributes the impact to minimize the forces from heavy falls.
A thick, removable, and flexible inner padding offers a comfortable fit also when you stay straight as well as maximum shock absorption. neoprene flaps and a buckle strap provide an extra secure fit.

The set is completed by Ennui’s classic wrist protection with nylon upper, breathable CoolMax lining, and improved fit thanks to the neoprene body and the palm-shaped plastic splint that will protect both your hand and wrist against impacts, sprains and abrasion. The best all-round protection for your wrists and knees.

These protectors pass the European safety standard EN 14120.