Ennui Freeride Glove

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Specifically designed for downhill longboarding and inline skating, the ENNUI Freeride glove gives you the essential protection you need in a reliable downhill glove in a simple, minimalist package. For a comfortable, unobtrusive fit the ENNUI Freeride glove has a short and slim design. To protect you from impacts and abrasions, the ENNUI Freeride glove incorporates high-quality full-grain leather combined with polyurethane (PU) inserts for knuckle protection. To help you slide with control and consistency the glove includes a large disc on the palm area and protection on the thumbs and fingers made of strong Kevlar so you can have confidence going down virtually any hill. Tested by some of the best downhill longboard and inline skating riders on the planet, the ENNUI Freeride glove is truly world-class and ready to help you reach new speeds while tackling your favorite downhill course.