Ennui Urban Glove

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Ennui brings back the iconic leather gloves from the ’90s, the golden days of skating with the Ennui Urban gloves. Versatile protection specially designed for urban and freeskating, but suitable for all action sports. The gloves include an anatomical plastic splint for the palm and EVA inserts to protect the knuckles. A wide strap that wraps your wrist providing a very unique and soft fit to ensure maximum protection against both impacts and sprains. The mesh lining and the vent holes make them breathable to keep your hands fresh and dry even during the summer season. The fingerless design eliminates any of the restrictions of the usual protective gloves, but at the same time, they provide that extra protection against scratches and cuts that regular wrist guards can’t offer. The Urban gloves are great overall hand protection and not to mention how great the black leather looks! They are recommended for: skateboarding, inline skating, roller derby, roller skating, streetboarding, off-road skating (without using poles).