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F7 Optimum - BLACK/RED

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Flying Eagle F7 Optimum skates are the world’s most advanced, combining two plastics of two different densities to allow for perfect support and fit. A soft v-cut cuff section as well as a soft lace hole area, designed to keep the skate close to your feet and at the same time excellent for jumps and slides thanks to your ankle being supported side to side yet free to move in a forward and backward motion. This is also great for long-distance skating as it allows you to bend your knees forward more than usual. This skate is extremely durable and versatile, built to last, and to satisfy even a very demanding and aggressive skater.

  • Shell: Premium ultra-resistant
  • Liners: Removable, Advanced non-stick comfortable, exchangeable and washable
  • Frames: Ego Red 6000-AL CNC, rockerable frames with thread-in axles
  • Bearings: Flying Eagle Pro
  • Wheels: 36-40EU – 76mm, 41-44EU – 80mm 85A SHR PU

*Note: suitable for narrow to regular feet size*