G13 CHR 125mm F0 / 88A Wheels

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Matters´ most famous racing wheel is the G13 wheel. After 13 generations of testing, the G13 was born and is the most developed racing wheel in the history of speed skating. There is a major focus on road and marathon events, but in reality, the G13 is a multi-purpose wheel that can be used also in many track racing situations. The 125mm uses the thin wheel profile for maximum rolling speed. The two-piece CHR hollow-core provides some extra flex thus more grip and reduces the weight at the same time. G13 125 is the best choice for fast and flat marathon events. This wheel is 125mm and comes in F0 / 88A hardness. BEAT YOUR BEST.

Size: 125mm

Type: Speed (Road or Track)

Profile: 22mm

Hardness: 88A (F0)

Sold individually - 1 pc