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K2 Trio S 100

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K2 Trio S 100 Inline Skates. Stiffer than K2's traditional soft boots to add response and power transfer more like that of an urban skate. Different from other Trio models, an Urban Cuff is a little more beefy, designed to handle more aggressive, urban freeskate style skating. One-sided UFS mount frames (removable - not adjustable) will turn heads, and let out extra colors from the wheels (looks awesome with LED wheels).

2nd generation one-side frames (removable - not adjustable) have updated 8mm hardware designed never to be removed. Removing the screw on the wheel side is all that is needed to quickly and easily access wheels and bearings for rotation and/or changes. 10.7" (axle to axle) in length, the frames are a little longer than many other tri-skates at this wheel size. This makes them stable and easy to skate, allowing the Trio S to be enjoyed by most skill levels. K2 100mm 83A Wheels with TwinCam ILQ7 Bearings.