Kids Pro 3-Pack Protective set (Girls)

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For active young boys who love inline skating and action sports, the POWERSLIDE Kids Pro Girls 3-pack offers superb protection and comfort in a fun, stylish package your kids will love. This comprehensive set of protective gear includes reliable knee and elbow pads that are specifically designed for kids. Shock-absorbing materials keep your child safe from injuries, while the hard shell distributes the force of impacts and protects kids from scrapes and abrasions. Kids will love to skate or enjoy their favorite action sport all day long while they are wearing the POWERSLIDE Kids Pro Girls 3-pack set of protective gear.

These stylish, comfortable pads are lightweight and breathable. To ensure the pads stay in place and offer maximum protection, the knee and elbow pads have elastic Velcro straps and a cotton sock sleeve. For beginners, forward falls are common. The protective gear features a lightweight and breathable wristguard for complete protection. Kids love to skate around the neighborhood with their friends and to ensure your kids are visible in low light conditions, the set includes protective materials to enhance safety.

From inline skating to skateboarding and other action sports, the POWERSLIDE Kids Pro Girls 3 Pack set is great for all kinds of action sports. This protection set meets the EN 14120 European safety standard.