Phuzion Argon Cement 110

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The POWERSLIDE Argon Cement 110 blends comfort and high-performance with an attractive ‘90s retro style, giving you a full-package inline fitness skate that can’t be beaten. The skate is engineered with a light, strong glassfiber reinforced plastic shell that’s complemented with a supportive cuff that, combined gives you the ideal mix of comfort, flex, and control. The new upper portion of the boot hugs your foot, ensuring a snug fit and the control you need for the perfect inline fitness skating experience. The POWERSLIDE Argon Cement 110 gives fitness skaters nearly unmatched comfort thanks to the internal memory foam that molds to your foot, improving comfort, cushioning, and performance. The skate comes with the fitness-proven POWERSLIDE TRINITY 3-point mounting system that provides a low center of gravity, improving stability and power transfer while dampening vibrations. The POWERSLIDE TRINITY system also allows you to adjust your frame’s position to suit your individual skating style. Complete with a light and precise aluminum frame that transfers power seamlessly to the fast 110mm wheels riding on smooth WICKED bearings, the POWERSLIDE Argon Cement 110 is ready for intense inline fitness workouts and fast, fun cruising with your friends.