Powerslide DOOP Yellow Sunrise 100

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Powerslide Doop Sunrise 100 "Step-In" Triskates are used with your own shoes, which makes them very comfortable and easy to control. The inline skates are easy to adjust in size and upgrading the Doops to the new TRINITY frame system takes your skating to a new level: more control and a lower center of gravity for optimal balance.

To make sure you won't be overlooked on your speedy ride through the city at night, Powerslide given the Doop fluorescent 100mm/86A PU wheels, reflective prints, and a powerful LED light on the front. Durable Wicked ABEC 7 ball bearings and the height-adjustable HABS brake make the Doop Sunrise 100 a perfect city inliner - Make it a Doop day!